Saturday, September 4, 2010


play along?

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Claire said...

sarah and you thought you were the contrast?

i enjoyed finding this picture.

love to you both.

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

yesss, a new word!
checking back regularly til voila ~
loving this cue.
delightful depictions from ea of you ~ thanks for inspiriting us ..
lots of spinning on my daughter's wedding dancefloor. loved this one of their childlike joy and freedom..

patty said...

love them all-do ya'll agree on the 'softness' of your images, or did you all happen together b/c you shoot like this? i love that even an active word like spin is so dreamy and ... just.... yum.

sarah said...

these three are so perfect together, aren't they? It was a wonderful challenge this time and I got many photographs I love out of the process of finding just the right one for here.

Patty, it's just coincidence. Usually my photographs are not soft at all, as you can see here - But Kelly and Claire inspire me so much, I am looking more these days not so much for softness but the dream heart, the depth, the fullness, of images.

Claire said...

patty, it really is pure coincidence.

kelly especially known for her soft images but i would agree with sarah that both her images and my own are actually quite hard and focused most of the time.

this project is definitely changing the way i am seeing and looking and capturing.

all that i am said...

soooo love when your new prompts and your images appear!
how appropriate that SPIN would be the choosen word this week!?!?
I do believe the world as I have have known it has just begun to SPIN into a wonderful new direction?!??!

Janis@Open My Ears Lord said...

This was a unique topic and I love the way everyone has interpreted it. I must admit that I thought of celebration before I thought of spin. But a round plate worked as my object of spin and celebration. Thank you, Claire, for reminding me of how we, too, celebrate the everyday moments of our life.

I borrowed the format for listing our celebratory occasions from "All That I Am". It looked so much nicer than bullet points. So, a hat tip to her.

Thank you for this opportunity.


Amy said...

So blessed to join you all. I love the collaboration from you 3ladies and look forward to growing through this challenge.

Thanks for giving this opportunity to us!

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