Monday, November 1, 2010


So sorry we're a bit late this week - Sarah and Claire were ready, but I'm (Kelly) the tech gal and I was launching my own project this last weekend - well, I totally forgot about Three!

We have so enjoyed seeing you all come in and play along - thank you for helping us build a community around this little collaboration of ours!

If you want to play along with our "Togetherness" prompt, just join in below. We look forward to seeing "you."

(Please do include our button in any photo post you link - make sure you post your permalink! -
and leave us a comment so we know you're here!)


Becky said...

I love the theme!
I am so sorry I have been missing the last two; I really want to join this one. I will be back!

Much love you, my dear friends.

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

so. beautiful.

I feel the togetherness.

I have lingered here....

All's grace,

Amy said...

squeezing in at the last this theme! i had such a hard time deciding on one image, that i did 2 instead. thanks again ladies for the opportunity to contribute.

paper roads said...

I'm so sorry, I've been endlessly busy and haven't had the chance to visit people and thank them for their wonderful contributions to the prompt this time. You are much appreciated!

hopeannfaith said...

Loved the theme and have subscribed to your blog. I really like the prompts and the encouragement to be creative.
Thank you for allowing me to participate.

Andrea (Hopeannfaith)

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