Friday, May 20, 2011


Our prompt this week is "gold."

If you want to play along with our prompt, just join in below.
We look forward to seeing (and sharing) "you" here!

(Please do include our button in any photo post you link - make sure you post your permalink! -
oh, and leave us a comment so we know you're here!)


HisFireFly said...

When I think "gold" I am pulled right into the center of His glory!

Here's the link to my picture - a zoom in on a portulaca

HisFireFly said...

Silly me.. forgot the link

hopeannfaith said...

Sorry...I inadvertantly posted twice trying to correct the title of my post. Please forgive me...not my "golden" moment.. ;)
Post #4 is the correct Link Title.


Sandra Heska King said...


I don't usually mess with my photos short of an auto fix, but I "doctored" a photo of red maple leaves. Is that cheating?

S. Etole said...

Joining in here:

Thank you for a fun prompt!

A Simple Country Girl said...

Heya! I saw miss Susan's wonderful image and link back here. What do ya know? My current image is gold so I am submitting it for your prompt, even though it's not even a really good image, it's gold and shiny and seems to work out.


Veronica said...

thanks for the link...again!

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

love your 'gold' examples ~ beautiful ~ thank you.
i've added mine at FHC here- let me know if you enJOY :))

JAS-- said...

I appreciate your photo prompts. They give me a new perspective on my pictures. Normally I just grab the camera and point. This morning I happened on a subject that fit. You can find it here: http:/

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