Friday, September 23, 2011

to the left of centre

Our prompt this week is "to the left of centre."

If you want to play along with our prompt, just join in below.
We look forward to seeing (and sharing) you here!

(Please do include our button in any photo post you link - make sure you post your permalink! -
oh, and leave us a comment so we know you're here!)


Christian said...

Love the prompt this week! Lovely photos!

Christian said...

Oh dear. I put two links....need to delete my first one, but don't know how. Sorry :/

Shannon said...

I'm not much of a photographer but I loved the prompt so you're stuck with a writer in your midst! :)

Thanks so much for doing this!

Patricia said...

What an interesting group of photos, ladies...each one of them compelling on their own.

Thank you so much for the prompt, the encouragement and the inspiration all of you give me.

May your weekend be filled with all that is lovely and good.

all that i am said...

as always, I love your prompts, your images, your words...lovely, thank you

Ana Eugenio said...

always a delight to visit this blog :)

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